Our Core Programs

Mentorship Programs

Building Awareness Value and Momentum in Volunteerism Ventures .  Focusing on Core Character Development using Core global‘s Curriculum.  Humility Integrity Maturity 

Internship Programs

Building Awareness Value and Momentum in Entrepreneurial Ventures.  Strengthening their Skill set, Winning Mindset, & resilient work ethic. 

CommUnity Festival (The Core’s Orientation Celebration Graduation Event)


The Young adults of the community lead this upbeat treasure hunting event to raise funds and awareness for upto 12 non profits that needs help.   This event requires a minimum of 300 Volunteer.  Each non profit that signs up is responsible to find atleast 1 business, 1 cultural group, 1 church, and 1 college to sponsor their fun zone and silent auction.   The event is free to the public but items and participation fees will vary per city.  70% of the proceeds goes to the outreach organizations that managed their booth.  100% of their silent auction goes to them as well.  

The 12 Core Zones:

  1. The Heart of Art Zone 
  2. Kids zone (bounce house learning fun)
  3. Chili Cook Off
  4. DJ Dance Zone (20’s - now music)
  5. Thrift Store 
  6. Skate zone 
  7. Loving Diversity lane
  8. Business Networking Lane 
  9. Physical fitness (Zumba self defense Ck up)
  10. Spiritual Fitness (prayer and wisdom)
  11. Intellectual Fitness (solution focused discussion) 
  12. Relationship Fitness (free hug and ear)